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Melbourne & Olympic Park

Melbourne, Australia

The Food and Beverage Vision and Positioning Statement was an important part of the project as it was needed to articulate how the details of the kitchens would need to be aligned in order to service adequately the needs for a broad spectrum of people.  

Future Food employed both words that were backed up with numerous pictures of Food and Hospitality venues throughout the world.  This breadth of knowledge of world’s best practice was an important part of getting our recommended vision approved by the stakeholders and set the path for the implementation of the kitchen works.  

A key part of any successful food & beverage project in the public realm is the vision and positioning necessary to carry out the strategy of inspiring people to come and enjoy the entirety of the sports and entertainment on offer. 
Too often, patrons view the venue as almost a necessary evil to be endured in order to watch their team or performer.   

Future Food’s work on the MOP is another example of how we work with a diverse stakeholder group to provide an Food and Beverage Vision and Positioning Statement that is aligned with the overall strategic goals while satisfying the specific needs of each group.


Customised Food & Hospitality Services

  • Scheme Assessment & Initial Strategy

  • Food & beverage Fit For Purpose, Proposed Built Environment of Function Room & Cafe

  • Food & beverage Vision, positioning statement of Function Room & Cafe


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