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Western Australia, Australia

Future Food was engaged by BHP to review the quality of the food and beverage services provided by their contracted catering vendors. Based on the advice and gaps in the provision of food an beverage services Future Food developed a new modern food scope and associated new services to significantly improve resident satisfaction.

With the provision of a modern Food and Beverage scope covering the provision of breakfast, lunch and dinner over a rotating 7 day a week cycle.

Future Food’s knowledge and in-depth commercial catering experience provided the platform to deliver and integrate new ideas and modern, on trend catering services and solutions into a demanding environment.    


Customised Food & Hospitality Services

  • Review & report on the quality & overall provision of food & beverage services for WIAO villages

  • Devise a modern food & beverage scope to increase variety, quality & flexibility within a structured framework to improve resident satisfaction.

  • Visual Food Standards Companion document to compliment the scope for Catering Vendors

  • Complete menu cycle analysis compared to FIFO schedules to devise the optimum weekly cycle pattern

  • Revise contract terms, create new contract terms & develop new KPI’s

  • Develop a discussion paper with ideas an concepts for improving WAIO village life. 

  • BHP Visual Presentation & Merchandising Manual

  • Create a catering evaluation tool to audit the provision of the new food & beverage catering scope & KPIs


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