Gold COast Airport

Gold Coast, Australia

Future Food has worked with Gold Coast Airport (Australia’s sixth busiest Airport) on multiple occasions to provide both operational advice as well as strategic recommendations.

Our strategic advisory scope of work evaluated and advised on the back of house processes and logistics for retailers in the terminal building to inform three key areas in the development of a BOH strategy:

  • Understanding of required processes to ensure frictionless integration of the supply chain and
    retailer operation

  • To outline and inform the GCA of the required processes that should be implemented by the GCA and associated retailers

  • To inform the longer-term strategy of key learnings and spatial planning for the most efficient and practical utilisation of space for application into the GCA Masterplan.

Our operational advisory provided the Airport’s food & beverage operators with objective reporting and recommendations to improve the overall food & beverage experience at GCA and worked directly with the retailers, providing support and initiatives to maximise customer-centricity and revenue potential.


Customised Food & Hospitality Services

  • Scheme Assessment – Fit for Purpose Hospitality Environments Review & Recommendation

  • Operational Reviews & Recommendations

  • Back of House Review & Recommendations

  • Concept Design – Blackstone Hospitality Group


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