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Angel PLace

Sydney, Australia

Future Food have been involved with the redevelopment of Angel Place for over two years as the project has taken shape and been refined. Now that the new lobby is open Sydney has a new benchmark for A-grade building foyers, communal meeting spaces, placemaking and contemporary design and styling.

Future Food is pleased to have contributed a five-stage Café Planning Strategy aimed at delivering positive experiences to the diverse range of CDB discerning corporate executives.


Business of Food Highlight

  • Determined market potential for the site based on demand from five distinct customer groups within the Sydney CBD

  • Provided client with estimates of turnover from current operator

  • Forecast turnover for new café concept

Customised Food & Hospitality Services

  • Snapshot Retailer Assessment & Follow up
    Actionable Checklist

  • Scheme Assessment

  • Trade Area Review & Gap Analysis

  • Forecast of Sustainable Volume

  • Café Vision Positioning Statement

  • Visual Merchandising programme

  • Food & beverage styling suggestions


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