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Barkly sQuare

Melbourne, Australia

Fostering a community connection and offering unparalleled freshness and artisanal authenticity – where today’s consumers seek a de-corporatised fresh food environment and support independent operators, has been the premise of Future Food’s engagement at the Fresh Food Market at Barkly Square.

Future Food were engaged to assist Barkly Square with identifying, planning and implementing a robust mix of 8 independent Fresh Food retailers, 3 Express Food operators and 3 Cafés, and how they could successfully interface with the non Food & Beverage retail at this precinct. From developing a Minimum Standards of Operations Manual along with Operational Design Considerations Guidelines and in-depth tenancy design reviews to pre and post opening support, Future Food incorporated spatial, visual and tactile (touch, smell, taste and sound) considerations at every consumer touch point, for this market.

Through a hands on, direct interaction approach for assistance with Visual Merchandising, Store Set Up and Presentation, and, consistent Brand Application (ticketing, signage, uniforms), with the retailers (fishmonger, butcher, poultry, green grocer and specialty retail), Future Food have successfully created a Fresh Food Market that highlights providence and diversity while harbouring social affiliation, becoming the heart of the Brunswick community.


Size/Scale: 8 independent Fresh Food retailers, 3 Express Food operators and 3 Cafés

Customised Food & Hospitality Services

  • Food & Beverage Mix

  • Minimum Standards of Operations Manual

  • Operational Design Considerations Guidelines


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