Commercial Bay

Auckland, New Zealand

The Galleria Abu Dhabi F&B masterplanning services – shopping centre exterior

The new and exciting complex will tie four existing buildings to a new 39-storey office block with 100 shops and restaurants at the bottom of Albert and Lower Queen streets. A transformative project with a far-reaching ability to influence the quality of food and hospitality experiences interfaced with the best in on-trend retail. Its all about food and hospitality and the experiences surrounding the retail and dining experience. The restaurants, cafes and food outlets will be made-up of the best food names and brands, locally, nationally and internationally. Food is the future and food is central to the Commercial Bay experience.

Future Food’s role as the food and hospitality master planners for the project look at two key elements, who is our customer and what do they want and how can we curate a food and beverage mix that is customer-centric to be inclusive and immersive for all customers. Thereby ensure happy and repeat customers – attracting bigger spenders who are sure to return. In addition, a sound platform of financial planning and sustainable volumes support the mix and future proof the growth potential for food as a key element of the Commercial Bay experience.

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