Melbourne Airport

Melbourne, Australia

Future Food has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Melbourne Airport. To date we have provided operational advice relating to the food and beverage in Terminal 2, Terminal 3 and the award winning Terminal 4. In addition to providing operational recommendations for maximisation of revenue and customer service standards, we also provided food safety assessments as part of the Airports ongoing commitment to food
safety excellence.

In late 2018 Future Food undertook a full review of the food and service offers in T4. Individual reports on each food outlets provided a platform of information to realign all shortcomings and ideas to maximise sale opportunities.


Business of Food Highlight

  • Determined the market potential for food & beverage at the new hotel complex 

  • Estimated the turnover potential for a new outdoor café on the ground floor of the T4 multi-storey car park

  • Customised Food & Hospitality Services

  • Operational reviews & recommendations

  • Food safety assessments

  • Menu review & permitted use alignment

  • Customer Service Review - food quality, service excellence, price comparisons & value perceptions


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