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Starfield cheongna

Incheon, South Korea

Future Food was appointed to provide Food & Beverage Masterplanning for the proposed Starfield Cheongna Shopping Centre. With a total GLA of 119,000m2,  the development is a significant one for the Starfield team. In addition to providing a variety of retail options the Centre will also feature a Theme Park, Sports Centre, Hotel and Spa & Wellness resort.


Business of Food Highlight

  • Main Trade Area of over 2 million people & an estimated 7.5% market share of food & beverage

  • 1.5% market share from residents Beyond MTA

Customised Food & Hospitality Services

  • The design of the Centre (with respect to Food & Beverage) ensuring that an overall design was optimised with food & hospitality as a primary point of difference and a key anchor for the Centre.

  • Competitor Evaluation, S.W.O.T Analysis & market overview of Seoul, Incheon & Cheongna

  • A Market Potential Estimate / Food & Hospitality revenue estimates for the first full financial year of operation (2023)

  • A Food & Beverage Mix, Positioning Statement & Hospitality Vision for each of the precincts within in the Centre including the Theme Park. 


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