Adelaide Central Market

Adelaide, Australia

Future Food have had a long standing advisory with the Adelaide Central Market Management team. The Market’s 149 year history of being a produce-focused destination, coupled with its modern approach to constantly remixing the food concepts so as to remain relevant is at the centre of Future Food’s current work. The Market’s focus on value-adding of produce to increase sales and customer experiences is central to any future mix. E.g. Butcher’s pork roast when cooked and served with fennel coleslaw on ciabatta bread becomes a delicious porchetta lunch and dinner roast roll.

Future Food’s recommended mix for the coming three years looks specifically at a curated blend of fresh food, produce, food service and elements of convenience aligned with dine-in and home meal replacement food choices.  Learning, socialising, entertainment and incubator concepts all add to the rich diversity of a modern inner-city market. 


Customised Food & Hospitality Services

  • Reviewing current food traders stalls to measure levels of product quality, service, visual merchandising & stall presentation

  • Liaising with the Traders Association Group to gather feedback & learn from the stall owners

  • Review the overall food & service mix to assess ratios of food categories e.g. fruit & vegetables, delis etc.

  • Recommend a mix for fresh food, produce, services & associated grocery lines e.g. Indian grocery

  • Benchmark all recommended concepts & ensure metrics are established for sourcing, securing & managing future concepts

  • Suggest a performance programme e.g. demerit points system as part of the ongoing agreed assessment aimed at maintaining consistency across all stalls


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