Healthy Food Reigns Supreme: Our Health Food Favourites

Following on from last week’s post on how healthy food options are now becoming the stock standard of food precincts around the globe, we are going to have a quick look at a couple of our favourite wholesome offerings that have popped up on the scene as the health food movement has moved through. 

Happy Place by Lola Berry

South Melbourne Market, Melbourne 

Nutritionist, Lola Berry and cafe entrepreneur, Salvatore Malatesta of Melbourne’s St. Ali, have put their brains together to come up with Happy Place - a place to inspire wellness by offering on-the-go meals, snacks, smoothies and juices that nourish the bodies of those who eat them.  

There are a few key components of Happy Place that have it set for success. Firstly, the branding is spot on. It’s not too ‘green’ nor intimidating making the outlet approachable for anyone, even those without the concept of health on their mind. The space is clean and enticing with natural stone and marble bench tops paired with bold pops of blue giving it a modern and cool vibe. You want to walk in and check it out when you go by. 

The menu is loaded with options for all dietary requirements. There are 12 smoothies on the menu that rotate according to the seasons as well as some pretty amazing salads like purple kale, cured salmon, tangy green apple and bonito flakes with a drizzle of miso dressing and tendrils of radish sprouts. Items like this make making the healthy choice a very easy one. 

Happy Place is currently trading Monday to Sunday to service the number of businesses in the area who need and love good, honest food. It is a welcome addition to the ever evolving mix at the diverse South Melbourne Market precinct. 

Visit the Happy Place website


Multiple Locations, Melbourne 

Crisp make it pretty clear that they are looking after you when it comes to choosing their food. With an extensive menu that covers breakfast, salads, warm bowls, smoothies, juices and healthy snacks, they are touting the message of honest and healthy food that is good for both your mind and body. 

You will find Crisp located in a number of Melbourne CBD food hubs as well as Virgin Active Health Clubs which makes it really accessibly for the busy CBD worker who needs to ‘grab and go’. They’ve even gone as far as allowing you to order off their website to collect your meal from the most convenient location around town. The modern customer loves convenience and Crisp has gone to an extra effort to offer this. What this means for people is that they can make the easy choice as well as the healthy choice - something that has been barrier for making healthy choices in the past.  

From Middle Eastern falafels, pulled pork tortillas all the way to Acai bowls and even a ‘build your own’ option, Crisp is leading the way in new-age salad bars that are extremely delicious yet very very good for you. It’s about balance and people want to choose what’s good for them as much as they want to choose something they will enjoy. Thankfully, whole and nourishing foods do both which what makes these food offers the first choice for today’s discerning customer. 

Visit the Crisp website

These are two new concepts that have become favourites in the quick-service hospitality category. With many more coming on the scene and even pre-existing, less healthy outlets updating their offers to include more wholesome menu items, Today’s discerning customer is now thriving on good, honest food that is readily available and more accessible than ever.