Global City Hopping: Dublin

The Irish capital with strong food game

City: Dublin
Trip: June 2016

June saw Francis Loughran, MD of Future Food, return to his home shore of Ireland where he combined business and pleasure. Whilst in the green isle, Francis spent time to visit friends and family in Belfast, Galway, Cork and Dublin where he also collected insights and inspiration for the three Future Food shopping centre projects in Dublin and learned how food in Ireland is now aligned with its European counterparts. 

In this edition of our Global City Hopping guide, Francis shares his favourite culinary delights of Dublin, the capital city of Ireland and might I say; an energised and buzzing European city. Fuelling the younger markets interest are the trends forged by food bloggers and food markets and festivals. Food brands from the UK and Europe compliment a generous helping of homegrown Irish food and pub concepts. The days of food veterans commenting on the ‘old days’ characterised by a horrific diet of potatoes, fish and chips and greasy burgers have gone. The times, they are changing….. led by a new generation of young and not so young foodies where the food shares equal weighting with “craic” - a well-know Gaelic term for socialising with friends and family. 

1. 3FE Coffee 

"Some of the best coffee in Ireland is coming out of this cafe and surprinsingly, it comes from the devotion of an ex-investment banker who redirected his career due to his love for the stuff and a need for a more fulfilled life. It's a beautifully designed store and cafe which you can visit briefly or stay a while with the short but well designed food menu serving breakfast, lunch and brunch"

2. Brother Hubbard 

"When they serve coffee from 3FE, you know it must be good. This humble cafe bakes it's own pastries to serve fresh every morning followed by lunch which is a selection of salads, soups and sandwiches laid out on the counter for your eyes to choose from. At night, Brother Hubbard transforms into a wine bar where you can order a selection of Middle Eastern mezze including things like beetroot hummus, beef kofta, chicken tagine and walnut and orange blossom baklava"

3. Burren Smokehouse

"Not so much a restaurant or cafe but an opporunity to gain a look-in at Burren Smokehouse's operation which creates beautiful and local salmon, mackerel and trout products using organic fish from the region."

4. Chapter One 

"A michelin-starred restaurant that will impress any person who attends. The menu extends accross a number of cuisines, showing innovation and creativity from the chefs to highlight the best of local produce and the local people"

5. Cornucopia 

"A vegetarian and wholefood restaurant smack bang in the middle of Dublin. Established in 1986, Cornucopia was well ahead of it's game when it comes to supplying people with good, honest and nutritious food. Cashew baked aubergine, hot soups and cold-pressed juices are just some of the things you will find on the menu here. They accomodate all food intolerances for those who need it."

6. Dunne and Crescenzi 

"Our favourite Italian in Dublin by far. If you're craving pizza, pasta, bruschetta, antipasti or just a simple plate of fresh mozarella then head here and be satisified. They have a number of different outlets around the city so head to the website and check them out." 

7. Murphy's Ice Cream 

"Good quality, handmade ice cream that is made in house as well as being stocked in other shops around the city. Grab yourself a scoop or two and head to the courtyard to enjoy!"

8. Pearl Brasserie 

"Sit down in the basement of this contemporary and beautiful restaurant and enjoy yourself a michelin-starred meal with all the extras of ambience and great hospitality" 

9. Queen of Tarts 

"Straight out of NYC, two sisters headed to Dublin and opened up this delicious dessert shop in the city centre. Everything is baked fresh daily and on site. You can get great coffee, fudgey cakes, fresh bread and more - definitely worth a stop in"

10. Teeling Distillery 

"Teeling Distillery is Teeling Whiskey's newest outpost to show off their Irish whiskey and immerse people in the process and art of whiskey making. It is the only operational distillery in the city making it very popular for visitors so make sure you book your place ahead of time"

As the Future Food team continues to travel the world for business, projects and pleasure, we continue to experience and unlock the latest and most diverse culinary offerings from every corner of the globe. The Global City Hopping series is designed to share these experiences with you and open your eyes to what is happening in the food and beverage international scene.