Eating out in Australia: 2016 (Australian Food Statistics)

2016 brought in a new set of data delivered by Intermedia on what it means as Australia to ‘eat out’. It’s the first time data has been assessed like this thanks to a combination of operator research, consumer interviews and statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.


Here’s what we learnt:


  1. Australians spend $45 billion per year on eating out which equates to approximately $100 per household per week

  2. The average Australian eats out two to three times per week 

  3. Australians are eating healthier and opting for healthier cuisines causing a decline in popularity for concepts like steak houses and diners-style offerings  

  4. We have around 82,000 places to choose from when we do eat out including 22,000 restaurants, 29,000 fast food outlets and 21,000 cafes

  5. Popularity is growing for Japanese cuisine particularly due to it’s health rating 

  6. We are leaving ‘fast food’ behind with high-end dining becoming the new ‘fast causal’ as we move to towards quality over quantity 

  7. Marketing is valued by customers and can be the difference between success and failure 

  8. Drinking is still a part of our food experience however, the rate of consumption is declining with more people choosing less of a better alcohol over more of a lesser version 

  9. People are increasingly using online booking tools however, phone calls are still the most common way to make reservations 

  10. Staffing remains as the biggest issue facing the hospitality industry 


So, what does this data mean for your hospitality business, development, shopping centre or cultural precinct? 


  • It means that people are not only enjoying eating out but they are eating out more and more. With that in mind, it’s important to make sure your outlet or offering touches all customers wants and needs which includes a strong push for healthier food options. People are out there spending and it’s easy to win their food dollar if you ensure you deliver a customer-centric offer.


  • Fast food majors have lost steam which most of us know by now. Your precinct or cultural hub can embrace this change by implementing the newer, more desired ‘fast casual’ options. Australia has a number of chains satisfying this need now from the popular Mexican group, Fonda to Greek favourite, Jimmy Grant’s.


  • We are seeing a consumer push for high quality over high quantity. Focus on ingredients, where food comes from, the roots of a business and ensure concepts align with the values of your consumer and your precinct.


  • Market yourself. Nothing is more important than an active and up-to-date online presence that complements your marketing and visual merchandising either of your individual outlet or for centre management, your precinct. People have their eyes on food these days and it draws them in. People who may not have visited your space initially are doing so thanks to exciting and enticing food offers that are plugged on social media. Download our 5 simple marketing tips to get started.


  • With staffing still a major issue in the hospitality industry, training and ongoing development is important as well as providing a happy and optimistic workplace for your staff to be in. They are the face of the business so it’s important to nurture them and allow them to do their best job. See our services on staff training to see how we can help.

The ‘Eating Out’ report can give some direction and understanding into how to keep your business or precinct rolling along successfully over the next year. It’s no doubt we are seeing more people spend more money on food so let’s take advantage of that and deliver food just how the people want it.