Our operational consulting services help retail property managers and owners, food and beverage retailers and independent businesses make their food and beverage operations more successful and more sustainable.

4.1 Common Area Review

We review the designated ‘common areas’ of retail shopping centres and precincts to identify ways to make them more usable and more comfortable

4.2 Profit and Loss Analysis

We review your income statement, line by line, to understand your cash flow and profitability. 

4.3 Operational Reviews

For food and beverage operators, products, promotions, people and presentation are four of the most important ingredients for success. 

4.4 Food Safety Assessment

Food safety compliance is essential for all food and beverage operators and outlets. We assess how compliant you are with the regulatory standards that apply to your operations. 

4.5 Concise Performance Assessments

This ranks multiple food retailers of your choosing based on a concise analysis of key operational criteria, including turnover, food and service quality, and capability. 

4.6 Lease Controls

We prepare clauses for property managers to include in their leases that control the ‘permitted use parameters’ and operating standards for food and beverage operators under their tenancy.

4.7 Menu Reviews and
Permitted Use Analysis

This service ensures that all products are aligned to concept cuisine authenticity and permitted use, as well as providing property managers with insights into gaps in the food and beverage offering.

4.8 Expression of Interest (EOI) Program

We contribute to the development of Expression of Interest (EOI) campaigns, including developing detailed and concise selection criteria and campaign documents that will generate interest among potential operators.

4.9 Operator Workshops on Trends, Sales Drivers and Visual Merch

In the food and beverage business, competition is intense, so all operators must be on permanent lookout for ways to delight their customers and maximise revenue.