Keep it Physical: Store Design and In-Store Merchandising

Consumer’s face the daily battle of deciding where to put their time and resources due to the host of different touch-points that now exist which were not a concern for retailers ten years ago. We are now so hyper-connected which poses a challenge to retailers on where to put their money and energy when it comes to developing a brand image and gaining a loyal customer base. Do you create a really beautiful social media profile? Or do you provide interactive customer experiences? These are important components of running a successful F&B offer but it is essential to remember that in the hospitality industry, store design and in-store merchandising hold some of the greatest power and should be one of the key places to start when you’re developing the look and feel of your brand. By creating a physical environment that evokes discovery and delight, stimulating the customer as their eyes dart around, you can grow a loyal following of consumers who will generously spend their food dollars thanks to a positive, evocative and desired food experience. Stores are not just for buying things - you can even buy food online now – they are for an experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else and for that your physical image and in-store merchandising is integral. 

Here are 6 top F&B brands from around the globe who have focused on store design and in-store merchandising to successfully convey their brand message and have done it so well that they are now some of the most talked about, photographed and hyped spots for people to visit: