Eating Out in Australia - Takeaways on Takeaway

Eating Out in Australia - Takeaways on Takeaway

Eating Out in Australia - Takeaways on Takeaway

The Eating Out in Australia publication is out and once again there are some terrific insights in there. Future Food has analysed the detailed data and have come up with some interesting findings concerning our love affair with takeaway food, which is now a $22billion market.

  • Average spend per person per transaction:  $13.60

  • Average spend per person at Dinner:  $15.20

  • Average number of transactions per year per person:  65

  • Total annual spend per person:  $880

  • Total annual transactions: 1.6 billion

  • Average daily transactions:  4.5 million
    This means that, on average, about half of Australian households have at least one person ordering takeaway food every day

What all this data points to is this: We love our takeaways. Furthermore, the Eating Out In Australia 2019 data shows that it doesn’t matter if you are old or young, rich or poor, or whether you earned a second degree from university or only got as far as high school. The differences between the demographics is about where you get your takeaways, not whether you get them. Sure there are exceptions, but those are based on personal preferences only. Now, before you think that the data is pointing to someone else, consider these points.  Every time that you go to a food court for lunch, you are having a takeaway. Coffee carts/coffee windows are also takeaways.  So too are juice bars, food trucks and lobby cafes. Takeaway is so much more than just the fast food majors. 

While you might not have takeaways as part of your regular routine, there are still many times during the year that you might enjoy them, e.g. A pie at the footy (Suncorp, MCG or the local ground), fish and chips at the beach, pizza on holiday, Thai at the in-laws, ice cream while walking in the park.

The Eating Out in Australia 2019 report also looks at how parts of the country approach their takeaways.

The place that loves takeaway for Breakfast: Melbourne

The place that has the highest number of people who are regular (more than once a week) devotees of takeaway for lunch: Sydney.

People living in outback Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia are the ones most likely to dine-in for dinner at fast food outlets.

Melburnians are the ones most likely to have takeaways for dinner while Sydneysiders are most likely to frequent restaurants for dinner.

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What Eating Out in Australia reinforces is that Australians love their takeaways and each part of the country has their own way of expressing it. 

Australians love affair with takeaway food is not limited to any particular time of the year. Yes, we do eat takeaways a little bit more in summer, but it’s only measurable if you go out to the first decimal point. When rounded, there is no difference between the seasons.

The growth in our spending on Takeaway food has also been extraordinary. From 1983 to 2019, the average annual growth has been 5.8%. This is close to double the inflation rate over the same time period (3.4%)

Takeaways are an important part of the F&B landscape and the social fabric of Australian families. Despite their ongoing popularity, success is not guaranteed. All of the issues we’ve talked about in recent blogs still holds true for this sector.

For landlords and developers, an appropriate mix of takeaway outlets is important part of any mix of tenancies. 

Here at Future Food, we have a great deal of experience and data that allows us to successfully partner with you to create a sustainable business or a flourishing mix. 

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