Who is Your Target Customer? A customer-centric guide to creating a food and beverage mix that works for your visitors

Analysing your target customer is step one to providing a curated and strategic food and beverage masterplan. The Future Food model to masterplanning is customer-centric meaning our team work to understand and intricately assess just who uses the space in order to create a set of food and beverage concepts that satisfy everyone’s wants and needs. By capturing the maximum number of customers and sales, the precinct benefits from increased business activity and boosts the overall asset value. This is true for any type of precinct where the customer is at the centre of it’s function including retail centres, sports precincts, cultural hubs or universities to name a few. On the flip side, we also take this approach to ensure there is no space wasted on concepts that will yield little to no return for the asset holder.

As with everything, there is no ‘one size fits all’ and this is particularly applicable when it comes to food. Everyone experiences food in the same way with it fulfilling different needs, in different areas and at different times of the day. For example, a worker on lunch in the CBD might want quick access to healthy food whereas the family visiting the same precinct on the weekend might want a space to sit and enjoy an easy-going meal. Over our years of food and beverage masterplanning, we’ve come to know what people want and when they want it. When working on a project, once we’ve gathered data on who is using the space and analysed this data alongside sustainable volumes and market potential, we create a positioning statement and food and beverage mix that is specifically designed to satisfy every user group as well as bring about business success.

We’ve put together a quick guide to show you the different types of concepts, who uses them and how this looks in reality with examples given from one of our recent retail projects at Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

The Concept-Customer Guide in Food and Beverage Masterplanning

Table adapted from ICSC report

Do you know who your target customer is and what they are looking for in a food and beverage experience in your precinct? This information is vital to getting started on creating a food and beverage offer that works for your precinct. Get in touch with one of our experienced food consultants to discuss how we can ensure your precinct is customer-centric, strategic and set up for business success.


Credits - cover image of Mama's Buoi via Concrete Playground, Laduree image via Future Food, Mr Pilgrim image via Scoopon, Sushi Sushi image via Craigieburn Central, Royal Stack's image via Studio Oy, Mama's Buoi image via Construction Zone, Marae Izakaya image via Marae Izakaya Facebook, Capital Kitchen image via Project Sweet Stuff