Melbourne’s Latest Vegan Concept, The Alley is Landing

Last year we saw a big shift to more plant-based eating for our customers who are more discerning, looking for healthy options and wanting to make a conscious decision when it comes to their food choices. The shift is set to keep shifting with plant-based dining being one of the biggest trends predicted for 2017 in the food, beverage and hospitality industry. With a customer-centric focus at the centre of the work we do, it’s no wonder this area is growing as it’s what the customers are asking for. 

The Alley, a plant-based eatery is about to open on St Kilda Road in Melbourne. It will be serving up 100% vegan food in a fast and casual environment, something we haven’t seen too much of in plant-based F&B offers to date. The menu is going to consist of burgers made in-house, pastas, cold-pressed juices, baked treats and other vegan sweets with burgers being filled with pulled jackfruit instead of pulled pork and ice cream made from coconut milk instead of dairy. 

The brains behind The Alley, Alexandra Pyke, says she is hoping to close the gap on the accessibility of plant-based food with her concept being one that is fast, healthy and affordable. She is promising a ten-minute turnaround on meals and is hoping to reduce the cost of the $22 gourmet burger you see so commonly on Melbourne menus. There will also be a big focus on baking the foods rather than frying making them a much healthier version of a stereotypically unhealthy food. Gaining her experience in progressive New York City at vegan-institutions including The Fat Radish and The Butcher’s Daughter, there is no doubt this operator knows what she needs to do to create a successful and customer-centric food offer. We have no doubt this place is going to be popular! 

Not only does this concept endeavour to deliver fast, affordable and healthy food, it’s also aiming to be as sustainable as it possibly can be. This means all the ingredients are sourced as locally as possible and waste is kept to a minimum. These two points make up the ethos of The Alley and we’re excited to see a concept that is delivering on both levels. Customers of today like to know the in’s and out’s of their food - where it comes from and how good it is for them but they also don’t want this to come at a cost to the convenience or the accessibility of the food. The Alley seems to have seamlessly achieved this. 

The offer will be open for breakfast and lunch and will have the capacity to seat around 35 people. You’ll also be able to ‘grab and go’ which will no doubt service the large amount of businesses in the area filled with people needing a quick, easy and healthy option to fuel them through their workday. The Alley is set to open this March and we’re excited to experience a concept that is delivering fast, fresh, comforting vegan food. 

The Alley

417 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne