Francis Loughran – Founder & Managing Director – Future Food

Francis Loughran

Founder & Managing Director

Francis’ forty years in retail food, business and hospitality have resulted in his ability to offer his clients specialisation in the ability to understand consumer needs, map their purchase path and buying patterns, and align them with the spatial positioning of the projects he is working on. Francis specialises in strategic planning of F&B clusters (hospitality precincts, cafe courts, mixed use developments, water front developments, food courts, airports and restaurants), trend analysis, cultural adaptation and transition strategies, spatial planning and design analysis of retail, commercial, leisure and mixed use developments.

Francis is a considered futurist when it comes to what people will be eating and drinking and how they will be spending their leisure time in 2020 and beyond; this is well documented in his Shopping Centre News (SCN) articles and keynote speaker roles at national and international conferences.

His endless passion to follow F&B as a fashion trend has allowed him to travel expansively for various international projects. Francis’ talent to develop strong working relationships with international clients, senior level executives and key stakeholders, and adapting to the intricacies of diverse cultures and attitudes of the international business landscape has enabled the successful delivery of complex projects in the Middle East, Europe, Australia, Singapore, China, Chile, Peru and USA. Francis’ key strengths are master planning food to a hospitality level by starting with the customer, adopting a customer centric approach, justify a sustainable food and beverage business model and then apply spatial planning, purchase path modelling and design refinement of the F&B offer within retail precincts with an emphasis on requirements for operational efficiencies and design aesthetics that are aligned to the positioning of the project.


Allan Forsdick – Food Service Consultant

Allan Forsdick

Senior Consultant

Allan has worked in the hospitality industry for more than 20 years, his experience includes corporate hotel operations & management and private-sector accommodation, food and hospitality outlets including licenced alcohol and gaming venues.

Allan's specialised knowledge includes consistent operational management, refurbishments, rebranding, openings and re-openings, staff structure, development and accountability, process development, experience engineering, best practice deliverables, marketing and promotions.

Allan has proven ability in relationship building across all key stakeholders through his hands-on collaboration, approachable nature, consistent communication, strategic planning and implementation. Allan has worked on a range of consultation projects around Australia, New Zealand, within a variety of sectors including Shopping Centres, Bars, Restaurants, Function Centres, Hotels, Clubs and Universities. Some required disciplines in these projects included F&B retail food Masterplanning, operational spatial planning, operational analysis and recommendation, controllable cost analysis and consumer behaviour analysis.



Bob Schwartz

Senior Analyst

Bob has 17 years experience in delivering clients their solutions to demand, location and customer analysis problems. At Future Food, he is the “numbers guy” and provides clients with robust answers to the core questions of ‘How big is the market?’ and ‘What is the potential of my site?’  

Bob brings an innovative approach to problem solving by contextualising data, analysing consumer spending and trends and understanding the macroeconomic environment’s relationship to the project at hand. Bob draws on his background as a Development Economist and utilises demographic and economic tools in order to offer clients comprehensive advice.

He has worked with shopping centres, property owners, developers, retailers and other consumer-facing organisations on projects in all Australian states and territories as well as in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

Prior to joining Future Food, Bob had positions in business and academia in Melbourne, Canberra, Singapore and California. He has degrees from the University of Colorado, the University of London as well as the Australian National University in Canberra.

Roberta Nelson – Food Trends Futurist

Roberta Nelson

Food Trends Futurist

Roberta has over five years experience in creating content and managing social media profiles for a number of different food and hospitality companies. With a background in health and nutrition as well as a love for good food, design and consumer trends, Roberta strives to create social media profiles that define and convey the message and values of the brands she works for.