Who We Are

Future Food understands the business of food and hospitality. We exist to deliver one simple goal, to develop the best possible food destinations for your project; thereby maximising the asset’s value and rental income as well as creating positive customer-centric experiences.

We are global thinkers in food and hospitality; specialising in masterplanning food and hospitality projects built upon sustainable business modelling.

So, what does this mean for you? Whether you engage our team to masterplan a new shopping mall, university, railway station or airport, a food retailer training workshop or a restaurant review, you know you are dealing with dedicated food experts who will deliver your vision and maximise your asset’s value, sales, rental returns and ensure customers return time and time again.

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What We Do

We work on projects of all shapes and sizes from local, community hubs to major precincts. Regardless of shape or size, we apply the same principles of maximising the value of food to both the owners and the customer using our strategic customer-centric approach. 'Food is the future' in both smaller and not so small shopping malls, retail centres, urban markets, cultural precincts and airports so contact us today to learn more about Future Food’s end-to-end services providing hands on, collaborative and strategic planning for your next project - large or small.

Barkly Square - Brunswick, Melbourne

Barkly Square - Brunswick, Melbourne

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  • Shopping Centre Owners and Developers
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  • Development Managers
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  • Marketing Managers
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Our Credentials

Food and hospitality is our core speciality and has been for the past thirty years. Food is at the centre of many of the world’s spectacular destinations and this is increasing annually in both MAT & GLA metrics.

Future Food knows food and trends and how to maximise asset value using a customer-centric approach to planning food and hospitality in both greenfield projects or those older projects requiring new-life.

Francis Loughran
Founder & Managing Director