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Shopping centre, retail, corporate and mixed use development food masterplanning specialists.

Future Food is a global leader in food, restaurant and hospitality consulting having partnered hundreds of clients over six different continents. Starting in 1994, we’ve built a reputation as leaders in retail food master planning, trend forecasting, consumer insight and strategic innovation. We create customer-centric food and beverage destinations which strategically take advantage of dining in all it’s forms to maximise your project potential, built on strong financial foundations. Short–term thinking no longer provides the strategy that tomorrows fast changing food and hospitality requires to foresee and adapt to customer needs. Future Food know what's next when it comes to the dining experience.

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What We Do

Our four types of services are designed to build and support prosperous food and beverage destinations including masterplanning, management control services, concept development and operational consulting services.



The strategic planning process that helps you create hospitality spaces and destinations that draw custom-centric service customers and encourage them to stay longer, spend more and return more often.


1.1 Scheme Assessment

Review the project’s proposed scheme and architectural plans for your food and beverage precinct.

1.2 Trade Area Review and Gap Analysis

Discover where your project’s strengths, weaknesses and food and beverage opportunities lie.

1.3 Forecasting of Sustainable Volumes and Market Potential

Maximise your GLA and boost your revenue potential through the business of food.


1.4 F&B Vision, Positioning
Statement and Mix

Develop your vision and positioning statement to create a powerful F&B mix.

1.5 Spatial Planning
and Massing

Define your food and beverage precinct and improve its function through design.




Maximise sales opportunities and customer-experiences requires a range of management control tools and minimum operating standards which form part of the lease agreement and on going performance evaluation.


2.1 Design and Operational Considerations for Common Areas

Provide your operators with design considerations for all operational aspects.

2.2 Recommended Operating Standards for Food Operators

Create a tool to ensure operational standards are maintained throughout your precinct.

2.3 Tenancy Design Review for all Food Tenancies

Review and critique each tenancy design submitted for optimal functionality.


2.4 Are You Ready to Open?
Pre-Opening Preparation Checklist

Check if your operators are up to scratch 6 weeks prior to opening.

2.5 Post-Opening Review Report

Review operators 2–4 weeks after opening to highlight issues and identify opportunities.




Today’s market is attracted to individuality and customer centric focused food and beverage concepts. Future Food highly experienced team, listen, research, build creativity and deliver individual concepts that are both sustainable and experiential. When it comes to hospitality, it’s all  about the design, food and service.


3.1 Concept Definition and Statement

Create a complete food and beverage concept based on your vision and project objectives.

3.2 Design Co-ordination
and Implementation Support

Apply the created concept and render it into your venue so that you are ready to launch.

3.3 Post-Launch Continuous Improvement

Maintain integrity and performance with routine financial health checks and operational audits.


Common Area Review

Lease Controls

Operational Reviews

Food Safety Assessment

Operator Workshops

Profit and Loss Analysis

Expression of Interest (EOI) Program

Menu Reviews and Permitted Use Analysis

Concise Performance Assessments