Shinsegae Starfield Hanam

Hanam, South Korea

Hanam Union Square shopping center F&B masterplanning

Korea‘s largest shopping mall complex, Starfield, in Hanam, 20 kilometers east of Seoul is a “shopping theme park” experience for customers. 

Designed to attract shoppers of all age groups, the mega-multiplex embodies a variety of unprecedented venues from the country’s first in-mall recreational sports arena Sports Monster to the first Tesla store in Korea scheduled to open in November.

The $1.3bn Starfield development is the biggest single building by size in Korea, covering 460,000 square meters, equivalent to about 10 soccer fields put together. It features around 750 brands and services, and its parking lot can accommodate 6,200 automobiles.

Stepping inside the mall, visitors are greeted with natural light coming in through glass roofs, spanning 9,927 square meters, built to deliver a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere the instant they walk in. 

Future Food was commissioned to provide the following stages of F&B Masterplanning:

  • Scheme Assessment, Trade Area Review & Initial Strategy
  • Forecasting Sustainable Volumes
  • F&B Positioning Statement & F&B Mix
  • Spatial Planning & Design Analysis

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