Hmong thai

Brisbane, Australia

Hmong Thai Concept Development Thai Restaurant


Future Food were assigned to create and develop a Thai Restaurant Concept, focusing on traditional tastes with modern twists and fun lifestyle. 

Concept: Speciality restaurant, modern Hmong Thai – Step into our abstraction of the Hmong culture. Allow the delights of the surroundings to transport you. Traditional food gives way to modern interpretation, deconstructed, redressed, and presented with outstanding modern appeal.

Philosophy: Traditional Hmong cuisine contemporised via plating styles, presentation styles, and menu interpretation. This includes deconstruction of traditional fare or the incorporation of theatrical presentations of food. The dining experience will become a holistic experience with equal care being paid to each of the senses, sight, sound, taste and texture.

Design: Modern environment incorporating selected fixtures reflective of traditional Hmong culture. The natural textures of nature, embedded into the overall modern ambiance of Hmong Thai, provide a clever aesthetic metaphor, which promotes warmth, softness and mystique whilst retaining the strong, reliable rhythm of the ‘modern restaurant’ brand. Subtle elements, inspired by traditional Hmong design add a further dimension with its unique, clean lines whilst incorporating an understated homage to the traditional artisanship.

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