Fresh food halls and urban markets


Fresh food halls and urban markets such as the Queen Victoria Market have always formed the backbone when it comes to fresh produce in both large cities and country towns. The principles are always the same, freshness of produce, diversity of offer within each food category e.g four butchers, four fruit and vegetables and local-is-best small produce operators offering speciality honey, eggs and mushrooms. Markets are all about the community, the love of food and the diversity of offers and personalised service that no supermarket could ever hope to match.

Future Food’s many fresh food projects have ranged from a local souk in Kuwait and Abu Dhabi, David Jones’ food halls to the modern version of an integrated food markets such as Queen Victoria Market, South Melbourne Market and the vibrant Adelaide Central Market. Future Food’s core principles of freshness and abundance coupled with value and quality are the cornerstones of which our projects have to build their reputation. Future Food has also worked in advising the team at Hank Marvin, Melbourne’s most successful modern truck park and family market.

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