Arts, Culture and Education: How Hospitality Can Support Your Company Ethos and Set You Ahead of Your Competitors

A Company’s Ethos

A company’s ethos is created to ground values, attitudes and aspirations of that company and create a culture. Strong company culture brings a sense of direction, motivation and encouragement for the employees as well as builds an image that exemplifies what the company stands for, for those people looking in. Essentially, an ethos is your company’s soul. If you can build a company ethos that customers, clients or users as well as workers care about, they will get behind it and remain loyal for the long-term. 

How a Hospitality Strategy Can Support Your Ethos

Food within institutions and companies has gained little airtime in the past when it was provided as an afterthought or company cafes were placed as a space filler and revenue grower, gaining business by default due to workers passing through.  Nowadays we are seeing a growing body of institutions and companies who are incorporating food into their business strategy as a way of living up to their ethos. This is because food has and will continue to become an integral part of our lives as it is not only a necessity to have but the hospitality of food is a powerful way to stand by values. A hospitality strategy based on building relationships, supporting wellbeing and choosing brands/offers which align with your core values is the first step towards success. Here are three major ways in which a hospitality strategy supports your core values: 

  1. It supports employee health and wellbeing and promotes a happy workplace –Happy staff should be at the centre of your ethos. Providing a space which prioritises employee wellbeing and happiness means employees will feel considered and supported and also show on-lookers where the company stands on their appreciation of their employees. A hospitality strategy can do this by providing offers which are healthy, diverse and innovative so that staff have access to a variety of options, all of which support their wellbeing and happiness within the workplace. 
  2. It provides a hospitality service for clients/users which reflects the company’s stance on the people they work with - a major benefit of including a hospitality strategy into a company is that it provides an opportunity to offer a tailored hospitality experience to all it’s clients or customers. Relationships are a major part of business and being hospitable is an important part of building those relationships and lay down a solid foundation. A number of companies around the globe are re-visiting their company’s food and beverage delivery and positioning. Some are choosing to combine commercial arrangements with high street operators, catering companies and in-house services, while others are opting for an all in one, easy to manage contract. The common thread is that hospitality is now being used as the platform to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones.
  3. Show that your company understands the need to transform for the future by choosing progressive and high quality food and beverage options which align with company values - a hospitality strategy that stands by offering high quality, wholesome and innovative food and beverage options supports a company’s dedication to being progressive and adaptable to change. It is very clear that people are more discerning about their food choices these days and the meaning of food has changed as well as become increasingly important to us. To provide offers that are below the standard of what people know and want does not reflect positively on where a company or institution stands on understanding the people and change occurring around them. If a company wants to show their role as a leader in their industry, supporting people to make good choices and highlighting their understanding of what is going on around them, a strong hospitality strategy can encompass all of these things. 

These points are just three of the ways in which a hospitality strategy can support your company. Whether it’s the importance of your staff’s health and wellbeing, the honouring of good relationships or showing that you are a leader in your industry – hospitality provides a strong platform and is a strategic tool to build relationships and strengthen market positioning.